Foxx Life Sciences (Sampling Systems & Storage)

ESI Ultrapure offers a wide range of storage products from Foxx Life Sciences. During the upstream process and downstream process is it important to take samples to control the quality and sterility of the product. With the standard and customized bottles 60mL – 4L and carboys 2.5L – 75L you can easily scale up your process.

Bottles and carboys could also be used to store solutions or product, from where a solution can be transported to vessel or bioreactor.

Important if you are considering to buy this kind of products is to think about below topics regarding your process.

  • If you are using glass bottles there will be a risk of cracking if it falls on the floor. Replacement of glass bottles by plastic bottles will reduce this risk.
  • Cleaning, validating and contamination are big issues. When you are using plastic bottle and carboy assemblies, you can use these single use plastic bottles once before you throw them away. When you start a new cycle of production, you can use immediately new sterilized bottle assemblies in your system. Glass bottles must be cleaned and validated prior use.


We have a wide range of carboys designed to provide users with a highly versatile container that maximizes storage efficiency and ease of use.



Fluid Management Storage Bottles Foxx Life Sciences' Boston Square bottles provide a safe alternative for glass storage bottles. Available Sizes: 1 to 4 Litres Material of construction: Polypropylene, HDPE, and BPA free, EZclear® PETG Bottle material and volume are molded into the side of the bottle for easy identification Molded [...]