Plastic Fittings / Sterile Connectors

ESI offers a wide range of plastic fittings and sterile connectors. These plastic tube to tube fittings allow (in)separable non sterile connections to be established between components of a transfer line in bioprocessing. After making the connection, the manifold can be sterilized. Sterile connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments, because they are gamma irradiated. This is an important feature for biopharmaceutical applications.

Important factors to consider when buying sterile connectors:

  • Prevent leakage or limit the risk of contamination
    • A connection between a tube and fitting must be reinforced with cable ties, barblocks or oetikers to get a stable leakproof connection.
    • Our fittings have different styles of hose barbs, which make them very useful to get a better and more reliable connection with silicone and TPE tubing.
    • Sterile connectors allow transfer of media with a limited risk of errors. Due to the robust and reliable performance, this is a good alternative to welding TPE or PVC tubes together, even in a non sterile environment.
  • Chemical resistance:
    • We have a complete range of tube to tube fitting made of different materials. For every kind of solvent/liquid we have the solution in a combination of sizes from 1/16″ (1.6mm) up to 1″(25.4mm) inner diameter.

Nordson Manifolds

The first all-in-one manifold for pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. The revolutionary design of this patent-pending, compact fitting not only saves space, but also simplifies use and assembly. With five ports available in one component, gone are the many leak points found in traditional stopcock and Y connector manifolds.

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Nordson Needlefree Swabable Valves

ESI Ultrapure supply Nordson MEDICAL cost efficient needlefree swabable valve series, featuring higher flow rates, low priming volumes, and a straight through design for unobstructed flow.

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Nordson Bag Ports

ESI Ultrapure supply Nordson MEDICAL high tech series of bag ports which offer a variety of benefits to the biopharmaceutical industry. Value Pharma™ resin features animal derivative free qualification, USP Class VI certification, and the guarantee of heat sealing and conformance with polyethylene bags, and also provides a strong, 24-hour resistance to alcohol stress cracking

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PharmaLok Clamps

Nordson MEDICAL has developed ground-breaking clamp designs that simplify the assembly process. Effortlessly and securely attach sanitary fittings to bag ports and filters with PharmaLok™ Easy-Open Clamps, and close off flow with PharmaLok™ Tube Clamps

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Nordson Luer Fittings

ESI Ultrapure offer Nordson MEDICAL Luer Fittings, Luer adapters and Luer accessories which are part of a standardized system of small-scale tubing connectors used to make secure, leak-proof unions in laboratory instruments for gas and fluid-management applications.

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Nordson Tube to Tube Fittings

ESI Ultrapure offer Nordson MEDICAL barbed tube fittings and tubing connectors in sizes ranging from 1/16” (1.6 mm) to 1” (25.4 mm) tubing ID in over 100 separate configurations in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVDF, with other engineering resins available on special order.

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Nordson Quick Connect

ESI Ultrapure offer Nordson Quick Connect couplings which allow you to quickly and easily connect or disconnect fluid transfer lines, without using tools and without disrupting tubing pressure.

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CleanLine 1.5″ Single Use Connector

The CleanLine 1.5" Single Use Connector by Refine Technology is used for high volume transfer at low differential pressures. Particularly suitable for fragile molecules, organisms and biopharmaceuticals process

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