Single Use Bioprocess Bags

ESI Ultrapure offers a wide range of Single-Use Bioprocess Bags. SU Bags provide and alternative to glass, stainless steel and plastic carboys and are available in a range of volumes..  These can be customised to your specific port configuration, tubing and connector requirements.  Single-Use Bag types include:

Single use bags for Upstream and Downstream Application include:

  • Media preparation
  • Cell Culture
  • Cell Separation & Harvest
  • Buffer preparation & storage
  • Chromatography
  • Volume Reduction – Ultrafiltration & Diafiltration

Custom Single-Use 2D Bags

ESI Ultrapure offers a wide range of custom single-use 2D Bags for a variety of applications: preparation, storage, and transport of biopharmaceutical solutions.

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Aramus Single Layer 2D Bag Assembly

ESI Ultrapure offer Armaus™ Single-Use 2D single layer Bags which protect your high-value fluids with reduced risk of product loss, contamination or compromised quality.

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Klave-It Bags

Mitos klave-it® bags are made from a select KynarTM PVDF film designed to maintain flexibility, strength and impact resistance after sterilization by autoclave

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DuraPure Bags

DuraPure bags offer a high-purity contact surface with a durable exterior to protect your product.

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3D Bags

3D bags featuring sizes 50L to 3000L, 1 to 6 ports, contact material USP Class VI tested

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Wave / Rocker Bags

Wave / rocker bags for non-invasive mixing of cell culture/media with efficient gas transfer.

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Single Use Mixing System

Single use mixing system for liquid/powder to liquid mixing and recirculation of homogeneous solutions.

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Filter Bag System

Filter bag system for multiple bio-production processes (filter materials from 20-150µm)

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