Single Use Valves

Single Use valves have been developed to control complex processes in a single use process system. Unlike traditional stainless-steel valves, single use have a disposable flow path which allows quick change out between batches. A disposable flow path also eliminates the requirement for cleaning, validation and significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Single use valves offer a new level of flexibility as they are not fixed into the process like stainless steel. The SU valves are designed for rapid and easy tubing changes. The disposable liner is available in several tubing types, with a wide variety of manifold designs: Tee, Cross, Y, etc. Single Use valves can be activated via a pneumatic or manual actuator.

BCV-980 Biopharma Control Valve

The Malema Sensors® BCV-980 is a compact, cost-effective, high-performance, pinch control valve designed for use with Single-Use flexible tubing systems in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.

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