ESI have been involved in Single Use Technologies since 2005 when we launched the NovAseptum in Ireland and have been supplying Ireland’s leading Bio-pharmaceuticals with SU assemblies since then.

Due to the growing demand within the Industry, we established a dedicated subsidiary “ESI Ultrapure” to better focus on customers requirements and match same with the innovations from our supplier partnerships.

ESI Ultrapure offers solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industries in Ireland, UK and Benelux with our comprehensive Life Science product range. We have built up a strong portfolio of official distribution agreements. We can also leverage off the European wide Indutrade Life Sciences Companies to fulfill customer requirements.

ESI Ultrapure supplies the following Life Science products:

  • Single Use Assemblies
  • Tubing & Hoses
  • Gaskets, Fittings & Connectors
  • Single Use Bags
  • Filters
  • Single Use Instrumentation
  • Pumps
  • Bottles & Carboys
  • Custom-Built Plastic Equipment (Totes, Carts, Dip Tubes, etc.)

ESI Ultrapure adds significant value to our customers by offering technical expertise, quality products to suit/ improve your process, a high level of service (rapid response and strong relationships), 24/7 support, a local stock holding and account management.