Due to Indutrade’s increased presence in the BioPharma industry across Europe, it was decided to establish the manufacturing site as a standalone independent facility under the name UltraPure International.

Our combined knowledge in this industry has been building since 1926

UltraPure International has sister companies throughout Europe:

  • ESI Ultrapure: Ireland and UK
  • ESI Benelux: The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Avintos: Switzerland, Austria & Germany
  • Colly Flowtech: Sweden
  • Oy Colly Company: Finland
  • SaniFlex: Sweden

In our ISO Certified Cleanroom and Whiteroom we customise solutions to best suit your process:



  • Tubing assemblies: Molded & Barbed (tubing, connectors, bags, filters, etc.)
  • Bottle cap assemblies
  • Tubing to the desired length
  • Tube sealing
  • Tube welding

Cleanroom Certification

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Meeting USP Class VI
  • Most products have validation packages available


  • Customized packaging and labelling to our end users requirements
  • Treated with Gamma Irradiation if required

We also have an ISO Class 7 Whiteroom where we customise hose assemblies



  • Custom assemblies: sanitary hoses and sanitary crimp fittings
  • Hose shortening into desired lengths

Whiteroom Certification:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Material Test Certificate
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • Comply with CE marking if applicable

If you want to know more about the manufacturing-assembly operations that we offer in our cleanroom please send an enquiry or contact Emma Duffy on +353 21 451 0900 for further information