Cell Culture

Cell culture is the growth of cells outside the body (in vitro). All living things grow by cellular division and same applies to cell culture, the cells divide and continue to multiply once in a suitable environment.

The correct environment consists of a growth medium as a food source and cell culture vessels for controlling gases and temperature. During the growth stage, the medium will turn an opaque colour as the cells density increases. The growth rate is monitored accurately to determine how well cells are growing over particular cycles; this is carried out by taking samples and precisely counting the cells.


  • Product transfer assemblies to transfer media, cells etc.
  • Bag assemblies for growing cells and to scale up the cell culture.
  • Bottle assemblies for growing cells and to scale up the cell culture.
  • Centrifugal tube assemblies for harvesting.


Bioprocess Bags

  • 2D and 3D Single use bioprocess bags are available up to 2000L and designed for preparation, storage and transport of buffers and biopharmaceuticals solutions.
  • 2D Rockerbags for cell culture applications.
  • Cryo bags are available up to 20L to store the biopharmaceutical products into -85 degrees Celsius.


  • Prefilters (as built in or separate) are available to remove products from the solution.
  • Sterilizing grade filters to remove micro organism from the solution.
  • Venting filters.


Plastic fittings & Connectors

  • Bioprocess Couplers/fittings (Y pieces, Tee’s, reducers etc) are available to connect tubing to tubing.
  • Sterile connectors: Alternative to welding and sealing.

Plastic Equipment

  • Bag Totes
  • Roller Dollies


  • Single Use Sensors, like pressure, temperature and flow.
  • Welders to connect TPE tubing by welding.
  • Sealers to seal TPE tubing by sealing

Bottles & Flasks

  • Spinner Flask
  • Erlenmeyer/ Shake flask
  • Roller Bottles
  • Media Bottles for storage
  • Carboys for storage

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