Cynergy Product Line

Cynergy is a non-metallic product line available to eliminate rouging, reduce installation costs, and is a faster install.

The Cynergy Weld-In-Place (WIP) equipment is break-through technology for welding Teflon PFA systems on-site. With each weld you get a high-purity joint free of cracks, crevices or bacteria-harbouring areas eliminating rouging and pitting. Fitted along with our T-Fit 6mm clean room insulation gives the perfect safe, cost effective install for your purified water systems.

Cynergy WIP equipment
Cynergy Pipe Assembly


  • Corrosive, highly aggressive chemicals.
  • Product transport requiring high cleanliness.
  • Where rouging is an issue.


  • PEEK sanitary connection available over-moulded with high purity PFA.
  • Smooth surface finish.
  • FDA approved, comply with USDA, USP Class VI and 3-A Sanitary Standards.
  • Size adapters.
  • Beadless welding (complies with ASME BPE polymer weld standards).


  • cGMP compliant.
  • No contamination of product.
  • Low biofil adhesion.
  • Full vacuum capability.
  • CIP/SIP compatibility.
  • Rouging eliminated.
  • Teflon PFA is easy to clean – minimizing downtime, cross contamination and yield loss.
  • Resistant to biofouling (low extractables & high lubricity).
  • Cost effective compared to high alloy materials.
Cynergy Weld-In-Place (WIP) equipment